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Here you will find general information about Orthodoxy and about who we are as a church. Our site is not only for the one seeking the roots and the continuity of the Christian faith, but also for the Orthodox Christian who lives this faith daily. You are at the perfect place to orient yourself and to learn and experience more!

After you become familiar with the information here, we encourage you to come visit! Come see and experience what the internet cannot capture – the living Church.

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Divine Liturgy

9:30 AM

195 North Main St,

Milpitas, CA

Divine Liturgy

9:30 AM

195 North Main St,

Milpitas, CA

Quote of the Week

“Keep careful watch, to ensure that the enemy does not make off with any who are off guard or remiss; and that no heretic may pervert part of what you have been given. Accepting the faith is like putting into the bank the money we have given you; God will ask you for an account of this deposit.”

+ St. Cyril of Jerusalem

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195 North Main Street

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