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February 15 - February 21, 2021     Issue no. 855
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A large variety of scrip (gift) cards are available at the church hall following the liturgy. We have Amazon, Gas, Visa cards, your favorite restaurants and much more! By purchasing scrip cards, our church will receive a percentage or kick-back from the company.

Youth & Young Adult Corner
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Spiritual Corner

He wrote to Timothy: “You have followed my teaching, way of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, love, and patience” (2 Tim. 3:10-11). The Apostle Paul appointed Saint Timothy as Bishop of Ephesus, where the saint remained for fifteen years. Finally, when Saint Paul was in prison and awaiting martyrdom, he summoned his faithful friend, Saint Timothy, for a last farewell (2 Tim. 4:9).

Saint Timothy ended his life as a martyr. The pagans of Ephesus celebrated a festival in honor of their idols, and used to carry them through the city, accompanied by impious ceremonies and songs. Saint Timothy, zealous for the glory of God, attempted to halt the procession and reason with the spiritually blind idol-worshipping people, by preaching the true faith in Christ.

The pagans angrily fell upon the holy apostle, they beat him, dragged him along the ground, and finally, they stoned him. Saint Timothy’s martyrdom occurred in the year 93.

In the fourth century the holy relics of Saint Timothy were transferred to Constantinople and placed in the church of the Holy Apostles near the tombs of Saint Andrew and Saint Luke. The Church honors Saint Timothy as one of the Apostles of the Seventy.

In Russian practice, the back of a priest’s cross is often inscribed with Saint Paul’s words to Saint Timothy: “Be an example to the believers in speech and conduct, in love, in faith, in purity” (1 Tim. 4:12).

November 29 - December 5, 2021     Issue no. 875
Upcoming Services

Thursday, December 2

10:00 am           Divine Liturgy

Friday, December 3

6:00 pm           Holy Theotokos 

Sunday, December 5

19th Sunday after Pentecost

9:30 am           Divine Liturgy

Fasting Schedule

Nativity Fast 11/28 - 1/6

Fish allowed all week accept for Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Nativity Fast for our Lord Jesus Christ, 11/28 - 1/6

The Nativity fast for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ begins on Sunday, Nov. 28th till January 6th. May God bless you with a blessed fast during the wonderful Christmas season.

The board of trustees have decided to sign up to have a Falafel Food booth at Milpitas' 1st Annual Christmas event on North Main Street. We need volunteers for this Saturday and Sunday to work the booth and help fry the falafel. Please call or text Luma Theodossy at 408-666-8864 if you are able to sign up for a shift. Hours of operation is 1pm-10pm on Saturday and 12pm-9pm on Sunday!!

Milpitas' First Annual Christmas Event - 12/4-12/5
Youth, Parent and Clergy Meeting, 12/13

The Clergy would like to meet with our youth and parents to discuss the importance of participating of focusing on their spiritual lives. The youth and young adult group is a great way for all between the ages of 12 and 35 to get involved in a safe and spiritual environment.

Lunch Schedule

The gift of God's forgiveness is received through private prayer, corporate worship, the disciplines of prayer and fasting, penitential services and above all through the sacrament of Holy Confession. If you have not confessed in a while, you may call Fr. Jeries and schedule a time for confession. Once in person services start again, confessions will be conducted between 8:45am to 9:20am.

Lunch this Sunday will be provided by George and Claire Swaiss. May God bless them and their family.

If you would like to sponsor a lunch, please contact Georgette at 408-406-3546

Receive Text Messages

If you would like to receive service times, announcements and general information about events, please request from any board member or Dcn. Joseph to be added to the system and then text "Alert" to 22300. 

Looking Ahead

Evening Prayer via Zoom

12/6/21 at 7:00pm

Youth, Parents & Clergy meeting

12/13/21 at 7:00pm

(Zoom details to follow)

Youth Bake Sale

12/19/21 Following the Liturgy

Bible Study

12/20/21 at 7:00pm

Christmas Service

1/6/22 at 6:30pm

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Scrip Gift Card Program

A large variety of scrip (gift) cards are available at the church hall following the liturgy. We have Amazon, Gas, Visa cards, your favorite restaurants and much more! By purchasing scrip cards, our church will receive a percentage or kick-back from the company.

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Amazon Smile is a great way to shop and help your preferred nonprofit organization. By selecting St. James Orthodox Church of Jerusalem as your preferred non-profit organization, our church will receive .05% of your total purchases. Below you will find instructions on how to connect St. James Orthodox Church to your Amazon account. In addition, below here is an example of how much St. James has received from just one account.

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Youth & Young Adult Corner
Spiritual Corner

Nativity Fast for our Lord, 11/28 - 1/6

The Nativity Fast is one of four main fast periods throughout the ecclesiastical year. Beginning on November 28 and concluding on January 6, the Nativity Fast gives individuals the opportunity to prepare for the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord and Savior in the Flesh on January 7. By abstaining from certain food and drink, particularly from meat, fish, dairy products, olive oil, and wine, as well as focusing more deeply on prayer and almsgiving, we can find that the primary aim of fasting is to make us conscious of our dependence upon God.

Entrance of the Theotokos to the Temple, 12/3

When Mary was three years old, Joachim and Anna decided that the time had come to fulfill their promise and to offer her to the Lord. Joachim gathered the young girls of the neighborhood to form an escort, and he made them go in front of Mary, carrying torches. Captivated by the torches, the young child followed joyfully to the Temple, not once looking back at her parents nor weeping as she was parted from them.

The holy Virgin ran toward the Temple, overtaking her attendant maidens and threw herself into the arms of the High Priest Zacharias, who was waiting for her at the gate of the Temple with the elders. Zacharias blessed her saying, "It is in you that He has glorified your name in every generation. It is in you that He will reveal the Redemption that He has prepared for His people in the last days."

Then, Zacharias brought the child into the Holy of Holies—a place where only the High Priest was permitted to enter once a year on the Day of Atonement. He placed her on the steps of the altar, and the grace of the Lord descended upon her. She arose and expressed her joy in a dance as wonder seized all who saw this happen.

The Virgin Mary dwelt in the Temple for nine years until, reaching an age for marriage, she was taken from the Temple by the priests and elders and entrusted to Joseph as the guardian of her virginity.

The Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple signifies her total dedication to God and her readiness for her future vocation as the Mother of the Incarnate Lord. This is a feast of anticipation. As honor is shown to Mary, the faithful are called to look forward to the Incarnation of Christ, celebrated in a little more than a month by the Feast of the Nativity.

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