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Sept. 19-25, 2022     Issue no. 901
Looking Ahead
Scrip Gift Card Program

A large variety of scrip (gift) cards are available at the church hall following the liturgy. We have Amazon, Gas, Visa cards, your favorite restaurants and much more! By purchasing scrip cards, our church will receive a percentage or kick-back from the company.

Spiritual Corner
Upcoming Services

Wednesday, September 21

Divine Liturgy      9:30 am

Thursday, September 22

Divine Liturgy      9:30 am

Sunday, September 25

Matins               8:30 am

Divine Liturgy      9:30 am

Thank You all for another Great Food Festival!

We would like to thank everyone who helped make our15th Annual Food Festival a very joyful and successful event. Many members devoted weeks, even months preparing, setting up, or working during the event and we ask Our Lord to reward you with everlasting heavenly gifts It is our duty to work hard and keep the house of God open to all, to bring in new souls, and to keep the foundation of our traditions alive for many years to come. 

On behalf of Fr. Moeen, Dcn. Joseph and Monk Michael, we thank you all for all you do.


In Christ,

Fr. Jeries Hanna 

Fasting Schedule

Wed. September 21  -  Fish allowed

Fri. September 23 - Strict fasting

Feast Days for the Week

We will have a Divine Liturgies this week for the occasion of the Nativity of the Holy Theotokos (Wednesday) and for her parents Sts. Anna and Joachim (Thursday). A special lunch will be provided on Thursday following the Liturgy to celebrate these two joyous occasions!

Lunch Schedule

A meal of mercy will be provided by the Nijmeh Family for the 40 day memorial service for Reema Nijmeh. May her memory be eternal.

If you would like to sponsor a lunch, please contact Georgette at 408-406-3546


The gift of God's forgiveness is received through private prayer, corporate worship, the disciplines of prayer and fasting, penitential services and above all through the sacrament of Holy Confession. If you have not confessed in a while, you may call Fr. Jeries and schedule a time for confession. If you would like to confess on Sunday, confessions will be conducted between 8:45am to 9:20am.

Electronic Pledge Form for 2022

In light of the recent hike in Covid cases, we have created an electronic version of the pledge form. It only takes 2 min to fill out. Pledging is an important Christian spiritual practice that enables us to grow spiritually. The contact information allows us to update our database and the anticipated donations will allow us to accurately forecast our budget for 2022. Link to Pledge form.

Looking Ahead

Family Photo Session


Christmas Party


Receive Text Messages

If you would like to receive service times, announcements and general information about events, please request from any board member or Dcn. Joseph to be added to the system and then text "Alert" to 22300. 

Company Matching Donations

Many companies have special matching donation programs for non-profits. If your company offers this benefit, please contact Samer Abujoudom at (669) 238-8218 for help to get this set up.

Benefits of Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is a great way to shop and help your preferred nonprofit organization. By selecting St. James Orthodox Church of Jerusalem as your preferred non-profit organization, our church will receive .05% of your total purchases. Below you will find instructions on how to connect St. James Orthodox Church to your Amazon account. In addition, below here is an example of how much St. James has received from just one account.

amazon smile.jpg
amazon smile.png
Amazon Smile
Select St. James as Your Preferred Nonprofit
Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to a charity of your choice.
Follow these simple steps to link your Amazon Smile account to St. James Orthodox Church

1. Visit

2. Sign to your Amazon account

3. Choose St. James Orthodox Church of Jerusalem

4. Select your charity

Activating Amazon Smile on your phone/App

1. Open the app and find “Settings” in the main menu (☰)

2. Tap on “AmazonSmile” and follow the on-screen instructions to turn on AmazonSmile in the app.

Spiritual Corner

Nativity of our Most Holy Lady Theotokos, 9/21



The Feast of the Nativity of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary is celebrated on September 8 each year. The Feast commemorates the birth of the Mother of Jesus Christ, our Lord.
About the Feast
The birth and early life of the Virgin Mary is not recorded in the Gospels or other books of the New Testament, however this information can be found in a work dating from the second century known as the Book of James or Protevangelion.

According to the story found in this book, Mary's parents, Joachim and Anna, were childless for many years. They remained faithful to God, but their prayers for a child were unanswered. One day, when Joachim came to the temple to make an offering, he was turned away by the High Priest who chastised him for his lack of children. To hide his shame, Joachim retreated to the hill country to live among the shepherds and their flocks.

As Joachim was praying, his wife Anna was praying at the same time at their house in Jerusalem. An angel appeared to both of them and announced that Anna would have a child whose name would be known throughout the world. Anna promised to offer her child as a gift to the Lord. Joachim returned home, and in due time Anna bore a daughter, Mary.


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