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St. James Orthodox Youth & Young Adults

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Our Mission

The St. James Orthodox Church Youth & Young Adults Program strives to create a sense of  community and accountability amongst the youth of our church through four pillars: Faith, Fellowship, Service, and Outreach. The goal is that with ongoing spiritual education and acts of charity, we will create a fun environment that is faith-filled and spiritually-enriching for generations to come.

The Pillars

The Faith pillar is focused on strengthening our relationship with God, and encouraging us to take up our crosses and follow Christ.
Includes events such as Bible studies, monastery visits, spiritual education, choir participation, etc.
The Fellowship pillar is focused on creating a sense of community amongst the church youth and young adults through inclusive and welcoming social events.
Includes events such as dinners, BBQs, ice cream socials, etc.
The Service pillar is focused on acts of charity and almsgiving through events.
Includes events such as feeding the homeless, supporting nonprofits,volunteering at church, etc.
The Outreach pillar is focused on marketing the program’s events, creating marketing materials, recruiting and welcoming new members, maintaining social media accounts, and documenting photos and videos events for the church website and bulletin.

Meet The 2021 Team

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